Juvia's The Violets Eyeshadow Palettes

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The Violets purple eyeshadow palette is ready to add the perfect pop of color to every eyeshadow look. For a perfectly flawless finish every time, make sure this iconic purple palette--complete with velvety shades of eggplant, amethyst and orchid--is a part of your everyday makeup and beauty routine, and takes boring to totally outside the ordinary. Plus, this beautifully colorful eyeshadow pairs perfectly with your favorite bronzer and pink blush. How's that for eye-catching?

Part of an iconic new collection of 4 distinct on-the-go palettes, The Violets palette contains some of our most highly-requested shades in an unforgettable range for limitless potential. Perfect for a soft, natural look or a complete glam moment. Pairs well with The Berries, The Nudes and The Chocolates eyeshadow palettes.

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