Brazil Wool Hair 100% Acrylic Hand & Machine Knitting Yarn #1B

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Brazilian Wool Hair Yarn Acrylic Hand Knitting very light in weight, soft and easy to install, natural glossiness,silky texture just like your own hair, does't harm the scalp. It's the first choice for hair braiding.

Brazilian wool hair is the perfect material for hair weaving, African dirty braids, Senegalese twists braids, faux locs, hair extension, curly hair and so on, it does it all.

Braids made from Brazilian wool hair usually last 2 weeks or more, we recommend that you moisturize your scalp daily with some moisturizer or water and keep it clean daily, as this will avoid most scalp problems and also extend the life of braids.

About how many packages of yarn you need, depending on the length of braid you like, 12-inch braids require about 3 packs, and longer large twists require anywhere from 5 to 8 packs. Don't worry, even if there is a surplus, it won't go to waste, you'll need it for your next hair braid.

Weight : 70g Approx.

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